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Keisha Hickson

Professional Speaker, Transformative & Thought Leader

Keisha Hickson is a professional speaker, transformative thought leader, and passionate advocate for resilience, transformation, and women’s empowerment. Her personal journey, marked by a diagnosis of multiple myeloma and a challenging prognosis, has fueled her pursuit of a limitless legacy. This concept, which she passionately advocates, is about living life on your own terms, creating a narrative that leaves a lasting and meaningful impact beyond conventional boundaries.

“Complancey is the anchor that keeps your dream from sailing.”

Keisha brings 25 years of experience in the financial industry to the table, including roles up to Vice President & Senior Branch Manager in Wealth Management. She’s managed strategic initiatives, overseeing deposits of over $500 million and assets worth $275 million. Her expertise, backed by Series 6 and 63 licenses along with life and health insurance qualifications, has been pivotal in her transition from corporate success to empowering others.

Since 2017, Keisha has successfully owned and operated multiple businesses, demonstrating her diverse interests and business savvy. Her ventures include a children’s salon, a wellness brand, and a luxury gifting business, each flourishing under her leadership with collective revenues in the seven-figure range. This aspect of her career showcases her versatility, dedication, and commitment to aligning her enterprises with her values and passions.

Despite facing a rare, incurable cancer with a prognosis of 3 to 5 years, Keisha chose to view this life-altering moment as an opportunity for profound personal change. She offers a unique perspective on confronting complacency and adversity, redefining one’s narrative, and fully embracing life.
Keisha invites you to join her on a transformative journey of empowerment. Let’s work together to inspire change and help women unlock their true potential, embracing the life they’ve always desired.

“This Can't Be It”

Keisha Hickson